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Dakota Metals processes metal fractions from a variety of sources. Firmly established as an export alternative, we can assist organizations large and small interested in building domestic relationships. Whether you have one or ten loads per month, we welcome the opportunity to test material and compete for your business.

The proprietary process is designed around Bakker Magnetics’ Liquisort MDS technology which uses rare-earth magnets strategically positioned under a magentic fluid that is suspended in water. By varying the concentration and density of the magnetic fluid, we are able to process a variety of inputs and separate metals based on atomic density. Feedstock such as Zorba, metal from incinerator bottom ash and e-scrap can be sorted into clean aluminium, zinc, copper rich and heavy metal fractions. Input material must be 85-90% metallic and below 50 mm in particle size.

For applications such as specialty metals or high temp alloys, we have the ability to run small samples to determine the viability and economic value of a specific feedstock. Fee based sample testing can be performed by appointment only.



About Us

About Us

Dakota Metals was founded in 2015 and is changing the face of the recycling industry. Our technology and pre-process allows us to compete as a cost effective alternative to export.

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